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17 Jan 2017

ASOIF and IFs hold productive talks with Chinese Olympic Committee

ASOIF President Francesco Ricci Bitti yesterday led a landmark meeting with a number of Presidents of Summer Olympic International Federations with offices based in Lausanne where he welcomed a delegation from the Chinese Sports Ministry and Olympic Committee at the ASOIF office in the Maison du Sport.  The Chinese delegation was led by its newly-elected President Gou Zhongwen who was congratulated on his new role.

China is an increasingly important market across all sports and hosts a growing number of international sports competitions and events. President Gou Zhongwen underlined the crucial role of IFs in the organisation of international sport and emphasised his NOC’s intention to intensify its cooperation with IFs.  He also explained that China still has to tap the full potential in some sports, including some of the eight IFs represented at the meeting (representing the sports of archery, boxing, canoeing, equestrian, hockey, rowing, triathlon and wrestling).

Commenting on the gathering, Francesco Ricci Bitti said: “We had a very friendly and constructive meeting and both sides are looking forward to closer future collaboration. It was a good opportunity for us to underline the unique role of IFs reinvesting in sports development, infrastructure and coaching, from the money raised by organising competitions and governing sports worldwide.

Click here for the full list of participants.