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08 Feb 2017

ASOIF Group discusses enhanced IF role in Games preparations

During its first meeting of 2017, ASOIF’s Olympic and Multi-Sports Games Consultative Group (AOMSG) yesterday discussed details of the International Federations’ (IFs) increasing role in the preparations of Olympic Games as well as Youth Olympic Games.

In the light of Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC’s strategic roadmap for the Olympic Movement, IFs are required to be more involved in the planning and delivery of the Olympic competitions, including the transfer of some technical responsibilities from the Olympic Games Organising Committees (OCOGs) to the IFs (recommendation 13). The ultimate goal is to better utilise IFs’ growing events expertise and thereby ensure seamless organisation and a reduction of costs of the Olympic Games, for instance when it comes to venue design and development or the integration of IF workforce personnel into the OCOG.  Planning for the implementation of this approach is ongoing, hence the focus of the meeting. The IOC will deliver a report to all ASOIF members during a dedicated working meeting at the SportAccord Convention in April.

IOC experts joined in the AOMSG meeting to update the group on the preparations for the Youth Olympic Games to be held next year in Buenos Aires and about future plans for the development of the event. During a detailed review of the YOG concept last year, driven by Olympic Agenda 2020, IFs gave important feedback on their experience with the first two summer YOG editions.

The group also discussed the ASOIF membership process for the five new sports (karate, skateboarding, sports climbing, surfing and baseball/softball) which will be added to the Olympic programme in Tokyo 2020 following an IOC decision last August. ASOIF has already amended its statutes during its last General Assembly to enable IFs “governing sports included within the events programme for a specific edition of the Summer Olympic Games” to become “Associate Members”. This is on the agenda of the next ASOIF General Assembly taking place in April 2017.

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