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19 Jul 2016

ASOIF Statement on the McLaren report

ASOIF has received the McLaren report and recognises the gravity and extent of the doping activities in Russia noting that 20 of its 28 member International Federations have Russian athletes who are implicated by its findings.


WADA and Richard McLaren are to be congratulated on the thorough work undertaken to date, particularly in the relatively short time that has been available to the independent inquiry.  We urge WADA to make all resources available in order to complete the inquiry as a priority.


We also request WADA to immediately provide all the detailed information to the 20 International Federations concerned so that they may begin processing the individual cases under their own separate rules and regulations as soon as possible and in line with the WADA Code and the Olympic Charter.


It is important to focus on the need for individual justice in all these cases and ASOIF endorses all IF decisions, including those that take into account collective responsibility of organisations under the IFs' governance.  ASOIF fully supports a policy of zero tolerance in bringing all individuals linked to anti-doping violations to justice.


The International Federations work tirelessly to fulfil their obligations under the WADA Code in the collective fight against doping in sport. They will play a full and active role in reviewing current practices to identify weaknesses in the overall anti-doping system and help build a more robust framework for catching cheats and eliminating them from our sports.


ASOIF will continue to provide full support to its member International Federations in connection with the findings of the report as required.