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04 Sep 2019

FIH reopens bidding process for Men's and Women's World Cups

The FIH, field hockey's governing body, has now reopened the bidding process for the Men's and Women's World Cups in 2022 and 2023, having already postponed the decision on appointing the hosts.

The FIH executive board said the bidding window is open until the end of September to take into consideration the additional levels of interest from national associations and the fact that some of the current bidders are keen to host the other gender event instead.

All national associations still interested in bidding will be able to submit the relevant dossier to FIH until the end of this month.

Five bids are on the table.

For the preferred time window 1-17 July 2022:

• Germany: Men’s or Women’s World Cup
• Malaysia: Men’s World Cup

• Spain: Men’s World Cup

For the preferred time window 13-29 January 2023:

• India: Men’s or Women’s World Cup

• New Zealand: Women’s World Cup

Australia has withdrawn its bid to stage the Women's World Cup in January 2023.

The executive board will make the final decision on the hosts at its next meeting in Lausanne on 8 and 9 November, the new delayed date for allocation imposed by the FIH back in June.

The FIH said at the time it was responding to a request from several bidding countries to delay the decision, to give them more time to finalise their government guarantees.

Thierry Weil, chief executive of the FIH, said: “It’s really encouraging that additional national associations have signaled their interest in bidding. Since there was no issue at all in re-opening the bidding process at this point in time, the executive board has logically taken this decision. Meanwhile, the evaluation process of all bids already received continues.”