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14 Sep 2017

IFSC invites interest for online rights in Japan

The International Federation of Sport Climbing has invited offers for the online rights in Japan to its events.

The IFSC’s present two-year deal with Synca Creations, the Tokyo-based production and distribution company, is due to expire at the end of this year. 

The package of rights would include around 16 live events per year across the three sport climbing disciplines of bouldering, lead and speed.

Sport climbing's world body said today that the popularity of climbing in Japan has increased “significantly”, while rights fees for both television and online platforms have also risen “exponentially.” 

The agreement with Synca Creations included broadcasting of events on Japan’s Sky A network, along with other platforms.

Interested companies have been asked to contact Steven Morris, director, Europe at Broadreach Media (steven [(at)] broadreachmedia [(dot)] tv).