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14 May 2018

ITTF expands World Championships to grow footprint

The International Table Tennis Federation has announced plans to expand its annual World Championships.

Continental stages will now feed in to the finals, meaning the event will expand its global footprint and ensure the number of member associations participating in the event increases.

The individual World Championships finals, which occur every odd year, will consist of a knockout tournament of 128 for men’s singles and women’s singles, and 64 men’s and women’s and 128 mixed doubles pairs. 

The World Team Championships will have a finals comprising 32 men and 32 women’s teams. 

The expansion proposal was put forward by the ITTF Future Events Working Group, which was established in 2016 with the facilitation of financial services group Deloitte to review the format of the World Table Tennis Championships to ensure the event achieves ITTF’s commercial, promotional and developmental goals.