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25 Jul 2019

ITTF searching for merchandising partner

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is soliciting bids to become its first ever merchandising partner. The project involves the design and development of a comprehensive worldwide merchandise solution for the ITTF, including the development of a procurement, inventory and distribution strategy, the operation of an e-commerce/ online store and event merchandise platform.

The e-commerce platform will be the premier global source for “all things table tennis” and will allow table tennis brands to incorporate their products and services into the ITTF merchandise store.

At the same time, a coordinated event merchandise program will be developed to allow the ITTF to maximise event-related merchandise opportunities through e-commerce and on-site sales.

In order to provide a unique user experience, the ITTF merchandise program will be integrated into the wider ITTF data strategy across multiple platforms, allowing for targeted content to drive sales and engagement. Among the platforms mentioned are the ITTF’s official website (, livestreaming (itTV) and ticketing sites, as well as the ITTF’s multiple social media channels.

About the ITTF

The ITTF currently holds over 80 international table tennis events per year, seen live on TV in over 110 countries and currently has over 3 million social media followers.

Over the past decade, the ITTF has overseen the sport’s significant growth in terms of commercial value, global participation, world-class events and followership.

Naturally, fans play a fundamental role in the growth of the sport and their ever-increasing social presence shows great promise for table tennis in the e-commerce space.

Next steps

Proposals should be submitted before 15 August 2019 and include all required information as follows:

  • Company Background
  • Key Clients
  • Strategic Vision
  • Financial Proposal
  • Implementation
  • Implementation Timeline (which would see the launch of the ITTF’s e-commerce platform by no later than 15 October 2019).

Please click here for further information before sending your proposal via email to ITTF Marketing Manager, chenghowe [(at)] ittf [(dot)] com (Mr. Seet Cheng Howe).