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On 30 May 1983...

...the 21 International Federations governing the sports included at the time on the programme of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games decided to form the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations - ASOIF.

ASOIF was formed, as stated in the first article of its constitution 'to co-ordinate and to defend the common interests of its members' and to 'ensure close co-operation between its members, and members of the Olympic Movement and other organisations'. These needs were identified in order to preserve the unity of the Olympic movement while maintaining 'the authority, independence and autonomy of the member International Federations'.

The members of ASOIF have since grown to 28 International Federations. 

All members come together once a year in a General Assembly. The General Assembly usually precedes a joint meeting between the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee and the International Federations where a multitude of topics are discussed in the common interests of the Olympic Movement.

ASOIF is governed by an executive body, the Council, which consists of eight individual members, all of which are leaders of Summer Olympic International Federations, and the ASOIF Executive Director.

The ASOIF administration is presently located in Lausanne and is lead by the ASOIF Executive Director.