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10 Mar 2020

ASOIF launches Health Care Guidelines for International Federation Events

New guidelines, published by ASOIF today, aim to provide International Federations (IFs) with a template for safe, comprehensive, effective and efficient medical support services at all of their key events as well as the Olympic Games. Areas addressed include IF Medical Rules, Roles and Responsibilities, Venue Medical Services, Emergency Action Plans, Medical and Health Requirements and Government Regulations, to name just a few. The ultimate goal is to secure athlete health and safety. IFs can adapt and customise these guidelines according to sport-specific health risks, the age of the participating athletes, the size of the event and the geographical location.

The “Health Care Guidelines for International Federation Events” were launched during a meeting of the IF Medical Commission Chairpersons held in Monaco from 10 to 11 March. They were developed by ASOIF’s Medical and Scientific Consultative Group (AMSCG) in collaboration with the IOC Medical and Scientific Department, members of the IOC Medical and Scientific Commission Games Group and other specialised sport medicine and science experts. The need for such uniform guidelines emerged from discussions at ASOIF’s Medical Workshop organised in October 2019.

AMSCG Chair Dr Margo Mountjoy said about the new guidelines: “The ASOIF Health Care Guidelines for International Federation Events will be a useful tool to help IFs organise and provide top quality care for athletes competing in events around the world. Having a standardised health care guide for each IF will also make the organisation of the medical programme for the Olympic Games more efficient and effective.”

The Canadian sports medicine physician is also a member of the Games Working Group of the IOC’s Medical and Scientific Commission.

An online version of the document is available in order to facilitate the distribution to National Federations, event host organisers and other relevant stakeholders.