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26 Jul 2016

ASOIF Statement on the Decision of the IOC Executive Board

ASOIF recognises and supports the decision of the IOC Executive Board of 24 July 2016 requesting each International Federation to reassess the eligibility of its Russian athletes for the Games of Rio 2016 after which any Russian athletes still hoping to compete would have to pass a series of further measures.   This difficult yet balanced decision acknowledges the failure of the Russian anti-doping system but also supports the rights of  clean Russian athletes who are eligible under IF criteria to compete in these Games.    The IOC decision also minimises the disruption for all involved in the preparation of the Games of Rio 2016. 

ASOIF reiterates again that, under the Olympic Charter, each International Federation is given the sole responsibility to determine the technical eligibility of athletes to participate in the Olympic Games.  In addition, 28 International Federations, members of ASOIF, manage anti-doping programmes that are fully compliant with the WADA Code and this makes them best placed to take this decision without interference from alternative guidelines and advice.   Following the IOC Executive Board decision, each IF, despite the limited time available, must review its list of qualified Russian athletes to ensure that each complies with the IOC Executive Board requirements and then send their revised list for consideration to the IOC for ratification and to the Russian NOC for entry.  

The interim report of Mr. McLaren raises huge concerns and it is essential that we act decisively once his report is completed and presented.   However, ASOIF regrets the way that the Russian case has been treated by important voices, both inside and outside the Olympic movement, which have attempted to give priority to media exposure and political influence while disrespecting the existing roles and responsibilities and disregarding the timing and impact on the preparation of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.   This does not mean that ASOIF takes this issue any less seriously than any of our counterparts as there is no room for any doping in sport whatsoever.   Therefore, in order to contribute to a more effective system and practice for future activity related to the integrity of sport, ASOIF reserves the right to submit its position and proposals for consideration to the IOC.  This contribution will include a request to review and clarify the responsibility, structure, procedure and investment of all parties involved in the fight against doping.