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02 Feb 2022

FIBA announce women's photography initiative in lead up to World Cup in Sydney

It was once said by a professional photographer, the late Eudora Welty, that "a good snapshot keeps a moment that's gone from running away."

Indeed, many of basketball's amazing moments over the years can still be viewed, or relived, because photographers captured them through a lens.

There certainly are no shortage of terrific photographs in international basketball due to the fact that FIBA places huge importance on capturing those moments, big and small, both on and off the court. There are photographers at all FIBA events and the Olympic Games.

Now there is an exciting opportunity for talented female photographers to sharpen their skills in the world of hoops.

With Women in Basketball a strategic priority for FIBA for the 2019-2023 cycle, one goal is to increase the role of women at all levels of the sport and that includes creating and developing a pool of young talented female photographers with the help of the FIBA Women's Photography Program.

This educational program on event photography, specifically for basketball, is to be conducted by two experienced FIBA photographers, Milad Payami and Sonia Canada, and other expert mentors from the field including Riccardo Romani, experienced photographer and filmmaker. 

The aim is to provide education and training to a group of female photographers and help them to become professional basketball snappers and eventually an official FIBA photographer.

There are to be four online workshops, between March and June, and afterward, one of the participating photographers will be chosen to work at the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2022 in Sydney, Australia. The event will be staged from September 22 to October 1. 

To apply for the program, applicants must have between two and five years of experience working in the field of photography, a passion for basketball and the desire to enhance their skills.

Applicants need to send their name, country of residence, level of photography and CV to communications [(at)] fiba [(dot)] basketball" style="color:rgb(234, 46, 73)" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">communications [(at)] fiba [(dot)] basketball by February 20, 2022.

For more details click here.