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20 Oct 2021

FIBA team up with GoDaddy and offer .basketball domain name to all

The world basketball governing body, FIBA, is now offering a new way to bring the sport's online community together with the .basketball domain name now being accessible to the general public. 

FIBA and Roar.Basketball LLC has joined forces with GoDaddy Registry, commencing a new partnership to further grow the .basketball domain. GoDaddy Registry is one of the world's most recognizable brands in the domain namespace, and this partnership brings together a dynamic mix of skills and world-leading expertise in sports administration, sports marketing and digital innovation that will enhance the digital identity of all basketball stakeholders worldwide.

The global basketball community has a unique opportunity to unify online under a common banner, by owning a .basketball domain. Whether a regional association, league, club, player, coach, agent or referee, a .basketball domain will help build a strong and authentic brand in the basketball world. 

Teaming up with Roar.Basketball LLC, FIBA adopted the new .basketball Top Level Domain (TLD) four years ago, switching from to This was an innovative and very successful move, especially from a brand and digital marketing perspective.

Over the last three years, FIBA has worked to provide the basketball family exclusive access to the .basketball domain, prioritizing National Federations. Many basketball organizations have secured their names and now enjoy the benefits of improved search results and traffic, global alignment and clearer domain names. 

Among those federations who have cut through the clutter of a crowded internet and provided clarity with their domain names are Argentina (from to, Australia (from to, Czech Republic (from to and Egypt (from to just to name a few.

Click here to join the .basketball community and secure your domain name. For more information on the .basketball domain name click here