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04 Apr 2017

First review of IF governance presented at ASOIF General Assembly

During its General Assembly held today in Aarhus, Denmark, the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) presented its first governance review of all 28 member federations, conducted between November 2016 and March 2017.

The report shows evidence of considerable variation among the 28 International Federations (IFs). General good practice includes:
  • All of the IFs publish their full constitution / statutes and competition rules effectively, plus information about their members.
  • All IFs have rules in place regarding the process for elections for Presidents and the majority of the executive board.
  • 18 IFs publish audited accounts and 15 IFs have term limits in place.
However, there is significant room for improvement by some, in areas including publishing details of allowances and financial benefits; formal monitoring or auditing for development funds; and open tendering for contracts offered by IFs for major commercial and procurement contracts.

The big differences between IFs in size and scale make direct comparisons difficult. Encouragingly, a significant number of IFs are actively implementing governance reforms at the moment. As an example of recent progress, among the 15 IFs that have a term limit in place for the president (such as a maximum of 3 x 4 year terms), at least six have introduced the regulation since London 2012. Several IFs are in the process of putting in place new rules approved in Congresses that have taken place since Rio 2016 and others have important reforms on the agenda in the coming months.

On the occasion of today’s governance presentation, ASOIF President and Governance Taskforce (GTF) Chair Francesco Ricci Bitti explained: “The first review presented today is just a starting point. Now that we have a better understanding of the issues and where they are, it will be easier to initiate progress where it is needed. This is something we will begin working on closely with our members as of tomorrow.” He added: “It is encouraging to see that change and progress are underway, with some important reforms now being adopted rapidly.”

Next steps
The comprehensive project has been driven by ASOIF’s GTF, mandated with helping IFs to promote and ensure a culture of good governance within their structures. Next steps will be to compile best practice examples and meet the IFs to individually review their governance assessments. A workshop will be held in autumn 2017 for identified governance contacts during which the GTF will take into account IF feedback in order to revise the questionnaire and assessment process.

The GTF developed five governance principles and 50 measurable indicators, tailored to the characteristics and needs of sport organisations, which it then incorporated into a self-assessment questionnaire. All 28 Summer IF responded and completed the questionnaire.

ASOIF appointed sports governance consultancy "I Trust Sport" to review the questionnaire responses and moderate scores for consistency. When necessary, scores were adjusted up or down and additional evidence was sought from IF sources.

Click here to read the full report.

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