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04 Jan 2022

New developments in ASOIF administration

ASOIF’s Lausanne-based administration has started 2022 with a new set-up. As approved recently by the ASOIF Council, James Carr has, with effect from 1 January 2022, been promoted to ASOIF Deputy Executive Director. James has been with ASOIF since June 2016, and led ASOIF’s pioneering governance work in his capacity as Head of Administration and Projects.  In the newly created position, James’ responsibilities will expand to include the management of ASOIF’s Lausanne based operations. Andrew Ryan will continue as ASOIF Executive Director but focussing on international and external matters.

Commenting on this announcement, ASOIF President Francesco Ricci Bitti said: “Andrew and James have worked together very successfully over the past few years. The new role will allow James to take on more responsibilities in our Lausanne office, whilst we can fully tap into Andrew’s vast experience in the international sports world. With this set-up, we can best serve our members and ensure smooth ASOIF operations.”

Executive Director Andrew Ryan commented: “James has become an invaluable member of the ASOIF team and has supported me on many fronts. The new structure will allow me to focus on certain policy matters while James will look after daily operations which demand a lot of time and attention. I feel we have found a very good solution to ensure the highest efficiency for all our activities.”

James Carr said: “I am excited about taking on more responsibilities for the ASOIF team and the ASOIF member federations. The last five years have been a fascinating and very enriching experience for me – from a professional as well as from a personal point of view. I am looking forward to continue working in tandem with Andrew to serve our Summer Olympic International Federations in the best possible way.”