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17 Aug 2020

The new Tetrathlon format proposed for the 4th Youth Olympic Games will be tested in Budapest

The New Tetrathlon format proposed for the 4th Youth Olympic Games (YOG) will be tested for the fifth and final time in Budapest, Hungary next month.

The format, designed to make Tetrathlon more dynamic and spectator-friendly, had already been approved by the UIPM Executive Board for the Dakar 2022 YOG, subject to one final test.

Dakar 2022 has now become Dakar 2026 after the International Olympic Committee postponed the 4th YOG – and first Olympic Games to take place in Africa – by four years due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

But UIPM and the host of the fifth test event – the Hungarian Modern Pentathlon Association (HMPA) – decided to keep the testing schedule on track so that the New Tetrathlon format can be approved pending any final adjustments and provide a meaningful context to the training of Under 19 athletes.

To that end, UIPM is considering options for an international competition to fill the gap created by the postponed Dakar 2022, under the working title ‘Pierre de Coubertin Youth Cup’. In the meantime the New Tetrathlon test event will take place on Csepel Island in Hungary’s capital on September 12-13.

This follows test events in Buenos Aires (ARG), Cairo (EGY), Perpignan (FRA) and Weiden (GER) which led to the UIPM EB endorsing the format at its meetings in Budapest (HUN) in September 2019 and Lausanne (SUI) in January 2020.

The test event in Budapest (HUN) will be the first UIPM-endorsed activity to take place since UIPM Pentathlon World Cup Cairo in February, which was followed by the suspension of the entire UIPM competition circuit and development programme.

A spokesperson for the local organising committee said: “In Hungary, Pentathlon life never slows down.

“Despite the postponement of the YOG 2022 to 2026, UIPM plans to organise a Pierre de Coubertin Youth Cup competition for the same age group. For that reason having test events of the new format are still crucial.

“Soon after the new format for YOG is tested, Hungary will continue to play an important role in international Modern Pentathlon life by hosting a test event for the New Pentathlon format proposed for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.”

Dr Klaus Schormann, UIPM President, added: “We would like to take the opportunity to gratefully thank the HMPA, especially its President Dr Gyula Bretz, for hosting the upcoming test events for our New Tetrathlon and New Pentathlon formats which we hope will become permanent fixtures in the Olympic movement.

“During these hard times, when all members of our global Modern Pentathlon community are facing unprecedented challenges, it is vital that we keep up the motivation level of our great athletes. Dr Bretz and his Federation are always willing to help UIPM, to provide high-level conditions for sport and opportunities to test the innovations which are a cornerstone of our movement.

“I must highlight on behalf of the global UIPM community the ever-helpful attitude of the HMPA, which has continued to raise the bar and exceed our expectations during the past four years under the presidency of Gyula Bretz, who is also a UIPM Honorary Member. I would like to congratulate Dr Bretz on all the achievements of the HMPA during his tenure and wish him all the best for the upcoming four years as well.”