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22 Feb 2021

Renowned medical journal publishes ASOIF Healthcare Guidelines for IF events

In its latest edition of February 2021, the British Journal of Sport Medicine (BJSM) published ASOIF’s Health Care Guidelines for International Federation (IF) Events, together with a consensus statement on the important topic of athlete health and safety at large sporting events.  The set up of both the consensus statement and the guidelines were led by Margo Mountjoy, Chair of ASOIF's Medical and Scientific Consultative Group (AMSCG).  A Canadian sports medicine physician, Margo Mountjoy is also a member of the Games Group of the IOC's Medical Commission and a member of the FINA Bureau and of WADA's Health Medicine and Research Committee.

“The purpose of this publication is to provide International Federations’ medical committees with a template of ‘gold standard’ medical requirements for sport events to facilitate their planning of IF event safety”, said Margo Mountjoy.  She added: “The ultimate goal is to improve the health and safety for all athletes and participants at IF events and the Olympic Games.”

Click here to read ASOIF’s Health Care Guidelines for International Federation Events.

Click here to access the full BJSM article.

Areas addressed in the guidelines include IF Medical Rules, Roles and Responsibilities, Venue Medical Services, Emergency Action Plans, Medical and Health Requirements and Government Regulations, to name just a few.  IFs can adapt and customise these guidelines according to sport-specific health risks, the age of the participating athletes, the size of the event and the geographical location. The guidelines were developed by the AMSCG in collaboration with the IOC Medical and Scientific Department, members of the IOC Medical and Scientific Commission Games Group and other specialised sport medicine and science experts.  The need for such uniform guidelines emerged from discussions at ASOIF’s Medical Workshop organised in October 2019, revealing a gap in IF healthcare programming for sport events.

In view of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to be held this summer (following their postponement from last year), the AMSCG will now organise a meeting of all IF Medical Chairs, the medical team of the Organising Committee and the IOC Medical Commission to facilitate and streamline the preparations for the Games’ edition in line with these guidelines.

The AMSCG continues to leverage the collective expertise of the ASOIF member federations and is currently developing guidelines to support the planning of IF events during the COVID-19 pandemic.