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23 Mar 2021

UIPM puts top-tier events and content behind streaming paywall

The UIPM, the international governing body for modern pentathlon, has brought in a subscription model for its UIPMTV online streaming service.

The majority of content on the site is now behind a paywall, with a minimal amount - mainly what the UIPM classes as ‘educational content’ - remaining free to watch. 

Annual UIPMTV subscriptions have initially been priced at €29.99 ($35.65), although for the remainder of 2021 a 50 per cent discount code is available.

The UIPM has joined the growing number of bodies looking to further monetise their content-streaming platforms by bringing in a subscription model.

Those who do pay an annual fee will receive full access to every live stream from both Pentathlon World Cup and World Championship events, with all disciplines from these multi-sport events included.

In addition to this live content, subscribers will also be able to watch archive content from previous World Cups and other top-tier events, with more of this historic action in the pipeline to be added later this year. 

The first event to be shown entirely behind the paywall will be the Women’s Final from the 2021 Pentathlon World Cup Budapest, set for 26 March.

Klaus Schormann, president of the UIPM, said: “The online broadcasting of Modern Pentathlon has evolved into a very strong product and with your support we hope to establish UIPMTV as the home of our sport for digital viewers for many years to come.”

Shiny Fang, the governing body’s secretary general, added: “After a couple of years' experience, from 2021 UIPM is making additional efforts to enhance the platform.”