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Consultative Groups

ASOIF has created the following eight Consultative Groups to leverage the expertise of its Member International Federations (IFs) in important areas: a Medical and Science; a Legal; a Sustainability, Development and Education; an Olympic and Multi-Sports Games; a Commercial; a Technology and Innovation; a Parasport; and a Diversity and Gender Equality Consultative Group. 
As an umbrella organisation ASOIF has access to specialists and experts of all fields from within its membership. The creation of eight specialist Consultative Groups has been a major step towards harnessing the wealth of expertise for the collective benefit of all Summer Olympic IFs. The groups, consisting of experts representing all 28 Full Member IFs and three Associate Member IFs, as well as three Winter Olympic IFs, have been created to ensure that the interests of all IFs are represented as fully as possible, and they perform a number of key functions. The groups are already significantly contributing to increasing ASOIF's “in-house” capability as well as enhancing a feeling of inclusion and unity amongst our members.