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ASOIF's Mission

ASOIF’s mission is to unite, promote and support the Summer Olympic International Federations (IFs); to preserve their autonomy, while co-ordinating their common interests and goals.

ASOIF's Role

ASOIF’s role is to serve and represent the Summer Olympic IFs in the most competent, articulate and professional manner on issues of common interest in the Summer Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement, and on any other matter deemed necessary by the IFs.

Mission of the International Federations

The IFs have the responsibility and duty to manage and to monitor the everyday running of the world's various sports disciplines, including the practical organisation of events during the Olympic Games, and the supervision of the development of athletes practising these sports at every level. Each IF governs its sport at world level and ensures its promotion and development. They monitor the everyday administration of their sports and guarantee the regular organisation of competitions as well as respect for the rules of fair play.