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Executive Director

Andrew Ryan

Executive Director
andrew [(dot)] ryan [(at)] asoif [(dot)] com

Deputy Executive Director

James Carr

Deputy Executive Director
james [(dot)] carr [(at)] asoif [(dot)] com

Executive Assistants

Christine Hauselmann

Senior Executive Assistant
christine [(dot)] hauselmann [(at)] asoif [(dot)] com

Audrey Gfeller

Executive Assistant to the President
audrey [(dot)] gfeller [(at)] asoif [(dot)] com

Project Officers

Jeremy Foster

Event Manager
jeremy [(dot)] foster [(at)] asoif [(dot)] com

Responsible for:

Junjie Li

Project Manager
junjie [(dot)] li [(at)] asoif [(dot)] com

Responsible for:

Sergey Lyzhin

Project Coordinator
sergey [(dot)] lyzhin [(at)] asoif [(dot)] com

Responsible for:

Jidong Wang

Project Manager
jidong [(dot)] wang [(at)] asoif [(dot)] com

Responsible for:

Staff description

Staff description

  • AMSCG - ASOIF Medical and Science Consultative Group
  • ALCG - ASOIF Legal Consultative Group
  • ASDEG - ASOIF Sports Development and Education Group
  • AOMSG - ASOIF Olympic and Multi-Sports Games Consultative Group
  • CAG - ASOIF Commercial Advisory Group
  • TICG - ASOIF Technology and Innovation Consultative Group
  • APCG - ASOIF Parasport Consultative Group
  • ADGEG - ASOIF Diversity and Gender Equality Consultative Group